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This Website will Include 100% Original Ragdoll Lines, 100% Traditional Ragdoll Lines, and Traditional Ragdolls. Each Ragdoll on this site will be marked as 100% Original Lines (Pure Fully Traceable), 100% Traditional Lines meaning no out-cross in their Pedigree's, such as Birman and Persian,, and Traditional Ragdolls, the Traditional Ragdolls will be noted if they have any non-traditional lines or out-crosses in their Pedigree's, such as Birman, Persian, Mink, Sepia, Solid, Lynx, Red Factor or any other out-cross or non-traditional that may be present.

100% Original  Ragdolls are those that can only be traced back to Ann Baker's

3 or 4 Original Cats with which she started the Ragdoll Breed.

There are Original Ragdolls whose pedigrees are Traceable to the 3 Original Cats: Raggedy Ann Daddy Warbucks, Josephine and Blackie.

There are also Original Ragdolls whose pedigrees are Traceable to the 4 Original Cats: Raggedy Ann Daddy Warbucks, Josephine, Blackie and Beauty.

There are not many Lines of the 100% Original Ragdolls left in the World that have not been out-crossed. I am not saying by any means that out-crossing is a bad thing, because this has given us a chance to work with more Red Factor, Lynx, Chocolate/Lilac Lines, and of course extended our gene pool for our Traditional, Mink, Sepia, and Solid Lines that we Love and know today. You can still find Ann Bakers, Fully Traceable, Traditional, Red Factor, Lynx, Chocolate/Lilac, Mink, Sepia, Solid, and Silver/Smoke Lines, you just need to do your research and they can be found-I absolutely Love them All! It is necessary sometimes to out-cross a line in order to bring down the interbreeding in the Lines, but it is also nice to work with some Ragdoll Lines that have stayed the same since the beginning, just as Ann Baker left them and were kept going by many Important Breeders of our time!

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